Celebs Love Rag & Bone: Beyonce, Toya Wright, Ashanti, Alicia Keys and More

October 5, 2015

Beyonce was feeling real gangster in the studio this weekend. She posted pics of herself with a fresh face, free from makeup, while working hard, and posing hard, in black and white from head to toe.

Recognizing the trend, Beyonce is the latest to hit the scene in what appears to be a favorite among celebrities. Rag & Bone two-tone skinny jeans. The jeans feature a variety of patterns, including leather and denim combinations, and abstract, and striped side panels.

Other celebs including Toya Wright, Monica, Ashanti, La La Vasquez, Brandy, and Alicia Keys have all been spotted wearing a pair of these form fitting jeans as of late.

Not only are they a fave, they are quite obviously for both the skinny and the curvy woman.

Do you want a pair? I do.