Child Slaves: The Race Is On To Save Haiti Kids from Traffikers

October 5, 2015

Rapper Trina aka (The Baddest Bitch) may be headed for some disappointment trying to adopt a baby from Haiti anytime soon.

Relief organizations are now calling for an immediate halt of adopting Haitian orphans in fear of reports of traffickers luring children from the many makeshift camps that have sprung up around Port-au-Prince, by offering them food and shelter. “No one can say for sure whether it was family members or people just taking them,” said Margarett Lubin of Save the Children.

“They're in danger… They could fall into the hands of traffickers and pimps – especially the girls,” Blemurned Junior, the camp¹s senior social worker, told the Times.

Several measures have been instigated by Unicef and the Haitian authorities:

• Child protection squads have been posted at the border with the Dominican Republic and at the airport in Port-au-Prince where some aid workers have reported seeing children dropped off by car and flown out by charter aircraft.

• Hospital staff have been asked to report any adults claiming to be related to injured children following reports of criminals posing as volunteers or even doctors.

• President Reve Preval has announced that any adoptions must receive his personal authorisation.

The potential for abuse is enormous. In one makeshift camp established on a Port-au-Prince football pitch, where 450 families have settled since the earthquake, a Times reporter found 38 children who were either orphaned by the January 12 quake or have lost contact with their parents.