Christians and Muslims Continue to Kill Each Other In Nigeria

October 5, 2015

Apparently in Nigeria religion is not about worshiping God, it's about groups of people fighting like rival gang members over control of the land.

After a violent attack last week between Christians and Muslims that left more than 200 dead (mostly Christians), the U.S. government and human rights activists called for Nigeria to investigate and prosecute those responsible.

Police say they have arrested more than 90 people suspected of inciting the violence. Some described it as a reprisal from an attack that left more than 300 Muslims dead in January, while others said Fulani cattlemen wanted to take over land on the dusty plateau.

In the following video, a group of angry Christian women are protesting the violence, and are demanding that it stop.

Sidenote: What's with the tree leaf branch being worn as a hair accessory? Is that a cultural thing?