CHUUUUUCH: The Preacher Is Tired of All The Hypocrites!

November 11, 2014

This audio is pretty funny. During an Easter Sunday sermon, the preacher tells the church to hold it down because they're getting a little too noisy, then all of a sudden he goes in on all of them pretty hard to the point they can't say a word.

“Good Morning congregation, my it's good to see a big crowd.  Ohhh I been wondering where a lot of you been.  I been wondering about a lot of things. I'm glad you're here on this Easter Sunday, your flowers look so beautiful.  I'm gonna get right into the message.  I'm gone lay the truth down.  I'm gone strap it on. Thank you for that Amen.  Yes, I'm not gonna spare anything.  I'm not gonna smooth anybody's bird.  Yes, I heard you sister.  Yes, I will preach on.  Yes, um hum I'm gonna tell it like it is as they say.  Ohhhh I heard a allelujah.  Alright now you all back down a little bit, you're getting a little too noisy.  Hold it shit, hold it down I'm talking…. listen, I'm tired of so much shit 'round here… Do you think I don't know what the hell is going on?….”