CLASSIC: Products Used for Jermaine Jackson’s Signature Hair

October 5, 2015

Rickey Smiley got jokes. Him and his crew on the Rickey Smiley show claim they have a rider of all the products celebrities want. The Jackson’s in-particular list include a special rider for Jermaine Jackson’s hair.

We all know how much everybody loves Jermaine Jackson’s hair.

It was determined that the list of products needed to achieve Jermaine Jackson’s hair is a long COMPLICATED one, and includes ALL of the following:

DAX (Wave and Groom) – Wave Cap – Small sample sheet metal – 36 pack of black Sharpies (permanent black markers) – Eye black, or better known as Eye smut – Kiwi shoe polish – A protractor – Black spray paint – Primer (to get it ready for the paint) – A small jar of Gunk – A bar of tar – A tube of Gorilla Glue – Isoplus – Armor All – Black electric tape (2 rolls) – Sharpie refill cartriges – Black laquor – 2 ace bandages – Pancake #12 – A large jar of vaseline – A small can of WD-40 (for extra sheen) – Care Free Curl Gold with silk oil moisturizer – 3 sticks of chapstick – Turtle Wax – and last but not least some black Mascara.