CNN Causes Chaos With All-Star Weekend Black Thanksgiving Remark

October 5, 2015

All-Star weekend has officially kicked off in Los Angeles, and already CNN's NBA analyst David Aldridge, has slam dunked on the black community by declaring the weekend a national holiday; “Black Thanksgiving” to be exact.

Aldridge's remarks are apparently not sitting well with the public, and several African American's have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Really #CNN an article abt some foolishness entitled “black thanksgiving” was the best you could do?!about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

CNN is reporting ''Black Thanksgiving'' is this weekend…WTF?!about 3 hours ago via Twitter for Android

I'm not calling it Racist at all… But “Black Thanksgiving” is a horrible title for AllStar weekend… #CNNabout 3 hours ago via Twittelator

CNN might call NBA Allstar Weekend Black Thanksgiving…but groupies… hoes & jumpoffs call it Black Christmasabout 3 hours ago via Echofon

CNN named NBA All-Star Weekend Black Thanksgiving because basketball was stolen from white Indiana farm boys in shorty-shorts and Converse.about 2 hours ago via web

RT @TypikalPolitikz: Black Thanksgiving? Mannnnnnnnnnnn F*CK CNN!!!!about 2 hours ago via Snaptu

Hey @CNN at least the Black Thanksgiving isn't like the White Thanksgiving, based off massacring the Native Americans & rejoicing about it!about 2 hours ago via web

Black Thanksgiving…again, I say…47 years ago…@CNN you've reached a new depth of disgrace & crassness.about 2 hours ago via web

The CNN article “Black Thanksgiving” isn't lying though. It might not be telling the truth from your perspective, but it is a truth.about 2 hours ago via Twitter for Android

RT @jovitos_wayy: did CNN hit its ultimate racist peak by calling an article Black Thanksgiving? really CNN, really.about 2 hours ago via Echofon

Why did CNN call the NBA All Star Game Black Thanksgiving? Did basketball players from Europe take land of basketball players already here?about 2 hours ago via web

CNN is on some bullsh*t. No doubt Soledad will do a special on this. #BlackInAmerica #Black #Thanksgivingabout 2 hours ago via web