College Hill's 'Kyle' Dances at Outre Hair Show

July 7, 2014

College Hill's 'Kyle' Dances at Outre Hair Show

I'd just like to know when Kyle from College Hill South Beach started dancing at hair shows? LMAO but j/k :~)) — however, you gotta admit that the guy dancing at the Outre Hair Show in Atlanta sure does have a swag like him.


About Kyle: He's a drama queen who shrieks at the thought of women's body parts. He's that gay. Yes him is — although regardless — Everybody Loves Kyle — within 45 seconds of appearing on camera, Kyle, set BET College Hill off — He brought “hollywood” (drama) to South Florida and without him the show would be quite boring.

As far as the Outre Hair Show, you can enjoy a little of one of the better “youtube videos” from 2007 below.  You can also check out the article on Ultima — Natural Organic Hair Extensions

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