Colorado's Decision to Require Multicultural Dolls in Day Care Causes Controversy

October 5, 2015

Who has an issue with incorporating dolls of other races besides white into the day care centers? Apparently, a lot of people, just the same as they do with multiculture crayons.

The Colorado Department of Human Services has just proposed that all day care centers in the state make dolls available that represent three different races. And, according to the Daily Mail, many critics have taken to blogs and forums to voice their disbelief over the three race dolls proposal.

'What about disabled dolls, transgender dolls, deformed or elderly dolls?,” asked one commenter. “If they really want to include everything why not these?”

“Many studies have found in the past that most children always pick up the white doll anyway and rarely notice the different races,” another commenter had the audacity to state.

Another commenter claimed to be concerned by saying: “Yeah that's right, instil political correctness or racism in them before they even get to school. So does that mean only the black kids get to play with black dolls and Asian kids Asian dolls etc? Surely that causes problems already.”

What are your thoughts? Will having dolls that represent all races REALLY cause a problem, or simply allow kids to see pretty comes in all colors; not just one?