Comedian Kat Williams Rocks a Vintage Roll Updo for Kattpacalypse

October 5, 2015

After fighting off demons for the past few years, comedian Kat Williams is finally coming back to the stage with a brand new skit, dubbed Kattpacalypse.

Filmed live on New Year’s Eve at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Kattpacalypse will make its debut on Showtime for a one-hour special on Aug. 25 at 10pm.

If you can get past his two vintage rolls (I couldn’t), the show just might be pretty funny. He is said to speak on everything from Doomsday, how President Obama gets rid of terrorists, “stepping-stone” relationships, N.A.S.A., Mitt Romney, not “clearing” Herman Caine, the recession, and the Michael Jackson murder trial. That should be interesting.