Consul General of Haiti Blames Voodoo for 7.0 Earthquake

September 8, 2008

Pat Robertson is not the only one that feels the catastrophe that has taken place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti has to do with all the evil being spread throughout the country, and feels the recent 7.0 earthquake was a blessing in disguise.

During a conversation with a Brazilian reporter, Gerge Samuel Antoine, the Consul General of Haiti, runs off at the mouth without realizing that the camera is on. He goes on record for saying:

“The misfortune that occurred over there (in Haiti), turns out to be good for us here (the consulate) to become known. I think it has to do with messing so much with voodoo, I don't know what it is… The African himself is cursed. Wherever there are Africans, it's just fucked up!”