Cool C's Burn Hair Show Official Video Premiere

February 17, 2014

Cool C bringing the heat with a movie premiere promo for his upcoming hair battle.

“Well I been sitting back man, because you can only do so much the same for a long time, I don't wanna be in same, I wanted to do something different, I wanted to come bigger, I wanted to come better, so I sat back and I watched the scene and it's a lot of ghetto ass hair shows out here with no thought into it.  It means a lot to me to bring it back to a field that I'm in… see I do hair, I do hair for real.  I'm one of the #1 hair stylists in the nation!!!!!”  “BURN HAIR SHOW, you know how we do baby… I'm bout to take it, rip it and shut it down.”

Well alrighty then Cool C… go on head and do the dang thang then. burnhairshow.com

COMING EASTER SUNDAY 4-12-2009 (Trailer 2 now showing) Trailer 1 and Trailer 3

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