Create Your Own Exotic Makeup Looks

October 5, 2015

Choose The Perfect Styles and Makeup Colors and Have Fun Doing It

Trying on make-up and different hairstyles could never be more fun and easy with TAAZ, the most realistic virtual makeover site. went live about a month ago making the cosmetics counter simply an option for trying the latest makeup trends. The new TAAZ way is easier, faster, and much more private. Anyone with a digital photograph can now apply more than 4,000 makeup products with the click of a mouse. It’s all at which was co-founded by an Indian scientist and a San Diego computer science professor.

The computer scientists invented an algorithm for separating gloss from non-gloss in digital images, a technical feature crucial for’s patented approach to applying photorealistic makeup to images. It is also useful for more traditional computer vision applications like face recognition.

After playing around over at for a while, the one thing that most certainly separates it from other virtual makeover sites is not only the user friendly interface and the realistic photo editing for perfect matching, but also the variety of style choices and the ability to use the color wheel. This allows you to change your look dramatically if you choose to. Professional makeup artists including MAC utilize the color wheel when choosing shades to match your complexion and now you can to, right from the comfort of your own computer. From creating the perfect smokey eyes to painting on a dramatic ruby-red lip for a night out on the town, allows women to become their very own makeup artist and express themselves and their aspirations. Another feature of the site is that it shows you all of the product brands that you are using which makes it easy to make educated decisions on which cosmetics to purchase. gives you four categories to edit: hair, skin, eyes, and mouth. Click on a category and you can begin to transform someone’s look. If you click on mouth you can choose a different lip liner, gloss and base color. With hair you can choose from a number of styles, and then you can change the color as well. You can completely transform your look or add subtle changes. Once you have finished the makeover you can save the changes and others can comment on your work.

The founders of Taaz are clearly savvy to the power of image sharing online as they’ve integrated the ability to upload photos to/from Facebook and MySpace into the site. So if you design a new look for yourself that you want to share (or perhaps set as your new Facebook profile picture), hypothetically, it should be easy to do. is a lot of fun. Co-founder Satya Mallick says, “With, we take something very complicated — giving digital portraits a photorealistic makeover — and make it very easy,”

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