Crimes In Beauty: Hair Weave Bandits Hit Missouri Store for $85,000

October 5, 2015

Beauty Supply Store Owners Beware: No longer are thieves coming in from the front and back doors; they're breaking through the walls, and stealing high quality human hair. The unusual trend, which started in Texas, has now found its way to Missouri.

Busting through sheet rock, beauty store surveillance camera's show as many as five to seven suspects pushing plastic tubs and bags across the floor and crawling the floor in order to avoid setting off motion detectors of the burglar alarm. Making their way to the front, they grabbed what was estimated to be $85,000 worth of high end hair extensions, wigs and other related products.

According to the store owner, the hair is sold in the store for as much as $75 a bag, but on the streets, it goes for $25-$50.