Crimes In Beauty: I Am NOT a Pimp… I Just Look Like One

October 5, 2015

Forgive me for finding this story somewhat amusing, but in yet another Craigslist bust, a man insists he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Looking like an imitation Payroll the Pimp from the world famous pimp documentary “American Pimp,” a desperate Corrie Gillispie tries to convince the media that he is NOT a pimp.

Soon after dropping off a bonified hooker to turn a cheap trick sporting a mouth full of gold teeth and a much needed fresh perm, Gillispie was arrested and dropped off in jail.

“They read me a charge of pimping which I'm not a pimp, have never pimped in my life,” says Corrie.

Corrie claims he had no idea what his female friend was up to.

“I never seen her do nothing, I only seen her walk the other direction, I was gone.”

Corrie goes on to say, “Never had no money from prostitutes, don't involve myself around prostitution.”

But Police Chief Garry Moss says in a devilish tone (hum hum hum) he has proof Gillispie was involved. “Wait till we go to court, look at the video.”