CUTENESS: Indianapolis Twins Give Birth to Baby Girls Two Hours Apart

October 5, 2015

Twin sisters Chardee and Charron Hampton of Indianapolis coincidentally gave birth to beautiful baby girls on the same day (March 7), just two doors down from one another at St. Vincent Hospital, only two hours apart. Both babies were ironically born in the same face-up position, and measured the same 21-inches in length.

“Everybody was like, how did you guys plan this and I was like, trust me it wasn't planned,” Charron explained to The Daily Mail.

Charron named her daughter Chanise Amari Monroe and Chardee named her daughter Trinity Dominick Brown. Now that the two have given birth on the same day, and are both engaged, what they are planning is to get married on the same day as well. Maybe they'll complete each others vow sentences while they're at it.