D.L. Hughley on Master P’s Comments about Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom

October 15, 2015

It’s a shame when people feel the need to speak on something they have absolutely no knowledge of. So many people out there think they can do things better than the next, but they have no idea until they encounter the problem, only to realize they can’t do half as much as the person they thought wasn’t doing enough. The struggle is real, and until you’ve been put in a difficult situation to deal with someone else’s problems on the same level you speak of about someone else, then your opinion doesn’t count.

During an interview with TMZ, Master P had a lot to say about Kobe Bryant not stepping in and doing more to help Lamar Odom during his time of need. He insinuates that Kobe could have saved Odom from falling to his bedside, fighting for his life.

Kobe’s public display of emotion over Lamar Odom is an ACT … because he had the chance to SAVE Lamar, but didn’t step up when it counted, said Master P.

While Master P may be correct in his assessment about Kobe putting on an act, the truth of the matter is, would it really have made a difference if Kobe stepped in? There are fake people out there. That’s a fact. Some people are just weak, and maybe even a little selfish. They will give up on you during your most difficult times. But, one thing I’ve learned is, no matter what role a fake person might play, you can’t blame any one person for another persons actions.

D.L. Hughley responded to Master P, and breaks it down on how a person on drugs in-particular sometimes just can’t be saved no matter what you try to do. Would you agree?