David Alan Grier: Why Black Singers are THE BEST

April 3, 2010

It seems that Black News is the hottest thing going right now, everybody wants to bring it just to make sure that EVERYBODY gets it, especially with Barack Obama running for president.

Up next is “Chocolate News“.  A new sketch comedy series on Comedy Central, will make its debut in October, just in time for the presidential election. The show, starring David Alan Grier, will pretend to offer news from an African-American perspective.  I guess Showtime beat J.C. Watts and Comcast to it.

Speaking to reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, Mr. Grier said that if Barack Obama wins the presidency, it would be a windfall for his show. “That would be like a monumentous occasion culturally and comedically,” he said.

Let's just hope that the show actually is funny just so that David Grier doesn't embarrass himself like Bernie Mac recently did.

Now, since we have to wait until October for this new comedy news series to come out, I thought I'd dig up a little something, something from David Grier to stir things up a bit.

One thing for certain, the man is speaking the truth about black singers being the best.