Dedan Tolbert Explains Why Dating More Than One Man Is Problematic

October 5, 2015

A while back, writer Paul Brunson posted an article on about how women should try dating multiple men to increase their chances of finding the “right” one much sooner than the average time it's said to take. I personally thought his formula was laughable, and depending on the type of man you date, it could be more dangerous than it would be doable. However, there were some women who agreed that dating more than one man is or can be a good thing.


Dedan Tolbert, of The Dedan Tolbert Talk Show, wholeheartedly disagrees that dating multiple men would do women any good. During an episode titled, “Confessions of A Whore,” Talbert says: “That is extremely problematic.” Why? Because, when a woman is dating more than one man, no man can take them seriously. Talbert further states: “The best women are only going to date one person at a time. The reason for that is, because no man, certainly not an elite man, is going to want to wife up an emotionally, unavailable woman.”

Tolbert goes on to say: “If you want the best possible life with the best possible man, you're gonna have to make some sacrifices. What good is something if you don't have to work with it, so yes, you're gonna have to spend some time alone, but that time alone is gonna help you guys become emotionally available. You can't be going out on all these dates, and then expect to be where these men want you to be, in order for them to take you seriously. We're gonna want nobody in your life.”

HELLO. The question is not whether or not you agree with Tolbert, but rather, are you open enough to listen and at-least try to understand where he is coming from, and position yourself to make a change?

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