Diddy – Dirty Money “Live” (Hello Good Morning) Paris Performance

October 5, 2015

Diddy and his girls Dawn Richard and Kalenna performed their hit song “Hello, Good Morning” in London yesterday, and while the performance was pretty good, I'm still confused about this threesome as a group.

Dawn and Kalenna try to shed some light via diddydirtymoney.com, and they insist the group is simply a change from the norm that may take some getting use to.

“Diddy-Dirty Money is a movement that represents a change in music. It’s different from what most people expect. But if they take the chance to listen, they will respect it,” said Dawn.

“All that Hollywood stuff doesn’t work for us,” adds Kalenna. “Dawn and I aren’t background singers simply standing next to Diddy, and Diddy-Dirty Money isn’t just more of the same. It’s an organic group that grew out of a shared passion for music.”

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