Domestic Dispute Turns Into Mall Parking Lot Road Rage

October 5, 2015

After a crowd intervened in what was considered a domestic dispute, a young man put the pedal to the medal and took revenge apparently without thinking twice.

Outside the Augusta Mall, Richmond County investigators say 19-year-old Keith Varner hit five people in the mall's parking lot Friday night. One of the victims was holding Varner's 6-month-old baby.

“I'm really shocked that it happened. I mean, it's the mall and there's a lot of people there,” said Nichole Zaletel.

Deputies say Varner and the mother of his child got into an argument inside the mall and continued to argue outside into the parking lot near the food court. They say that's when innocent bystanders stepped in to help and Varner drove off. But investigators say surveillance video shows Varner made a u-turn and drove this car through the crowd. The windshield of his car is smashed from the impact.

“I just wish people would learn how to drive a little better and not try to hurt people. They don't seem to consider anything but what they're doing. I'm just shocked,”said Terry Chism.

It's a shocking reality Varner will have to face the consequences for if he's convicted.

Keith Varner is charged with six counts of aggravated assault. That's one count for each person he's accused of injuring.

Investigators say injuries in the incident ranged from scrapes and bruises to possibly a few broken bones. But WRDW-TV did speak to the mother of Varner's child. She says she was taking the baby back to the hospital to be checked again.