Domestic Violence: Confessions of A Wife Killer Who Has No Regrets

October 5, 2015

While some women are depressed because they can't find a man, let alone a husband, there are others who are terrified because they can't get rid of the one they have until death do them apart.

In this disturbing 2009 jailhouse interview, Michael Turner admits to beating his wife and fatally shooting her and injuring his two children in a fit of rage. The 29-year-old says his wife intended to turn him in to police and that she had to pay the price… When asked if he was sorry for what he done, he says: “NOT AT ALL.”

Ladies, if a man tells you “the next time you do some f*c*d up sh*t, he's gonna kill you,” take it serious and run as fast as you can to the nearest exit out of the relationship!