Draya Michele On Beauty and Business with Mane Addicts

December 15, 2015

All eyes are on Draya Michele as she continues to transition from reality television to a successful business woman.


Mane Addicts recently caught up with Draya for their latest “Mane Ambition, ” and not only does she give them a hot hair photoshoot, Draya dishes on all things hair, business, personal style, and how she deals with haters.

I’ll go places where people don’t know who I am, the workers don’t think I can afford stuff or ask (me) for help – I just keep my head up. You can’t expect for everyone to know what you represent. Dealing with people who know you from reality tv is hard. In this world in order to be successful at anything you have to have some people that doubt you. The key to life is figuring out what to do with your haters.

Her go to hairstyle?
“High messy bun with lots of baby hairs.”


Power hair?
“Straight and polished lets people know that I’m serious. It’s my game face hair.”

A hairstyle she’d love, but isn’t daring enough yet to try?
“A really really short pixie cut like Halle Berry.”

What does it mean to you to be a She-E-O?
“Being your own boss, running your own company, whatever you do, do it the best you can.”

What makes a great female boss?
“Great leadership skills and confidence. In order for people to respect you, you have to be knowledgeable when talking about your business. You have to be confident so you can lead.”

Knowing what you know now what would you have done anything differently when you were starting out?
“I would have handled social media differently, a couple of years ago I would have taken it more seriously. Social media is (one of my) most important tools.”