Celebrating Over 30 Years of The Afro

October 5, 2015

A powerful king, ruler of many domains, was in a position of such magnificence that wise men were his mere employees. And yet one day he felt himself confused and called the sages to him. He said: ‘I do not know the cause, but something impels me to seek a certain ring, one that will enable me to stabilize my state. ‘I must have such a ring. And this ring must be one which, when I am unhappy, will make me joyful. At the same time, if I am happy and look upon it, I must be made sad.’ The wise men consulted one another, and threw themselves into deep contemplation, and finally they came to a decision as to the character of this ring which would suit their king. The ring which they devised was one upon which was inscribed the legend: “This too shall pass.”

If you should judge me by the color of my skin and the texture of my hair and your heart is filled with nothing but self-hatred or just plain hate, just know that FOR YOU…

“This Too Shall Pass”

Now Celebrating More Than 30 Years of the Afro!!!

Have you ever wanted to have an Afro but wasn’t sure it was cool enough… think again!

It may be 30 years since the Afro became the style to have – where would Motown, the Philadelphia Sound and the O’Jays have been without the Afro.

The 70’s wouldn’t have been the same without the Afro and the ‘Fro would never have been quite so free if it hadn’t been for Sta Sof Fro. It’s been 30 years since this Oil Sheen Spray hit the shelves. By keeping the hair soft and moisturised it stopped the tightening and shrinking of the Afro enabling the coolest of the cool to maintain their hallo style hair all day and all night.

The 70’s, Motown, the Philadelphia Sound, Marvin Gaye, the O’Jays, Me and Mrs Jones, Afghan coats, flares, bell-bottoms, Wacky Races and the Hair Bear Bunch – where would they all be without the Afro. The original Afro look was not created by a hair stylist or media celebrity but was a political statement by black Afro Americans, and worn by members from the SNCC* such as Rev Jessie Jackson. This hairstyle was in direct contrast to the close cropped or chemically treated and waved hair sported by ‘celebs’ such as James Brown, BB King and Nat King Cole.

This rebellious trend soon became a fashion statement – the Afro became the style to have for both sexes. Fro style soon spread, from the States across the UK and into Europe becoming so popular that those with naturally straight hair had perms to emulate the Afro. It was the style of the 70’s.

The Fro survived the 80’s, went into the 90’s and is currently re-emerging alongside some of the retro inspired fashion trends – and Sta Sof Fro is still here to nourish and protect your hair. However the product range has expanded caring for all styles of Afro hair, you can now colour, relax, condition, braid and dredz, all with Sta Sof Fro.

Sta Sof Fro takes care of your skin too with an excellent range of body lotions – Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Lotion.

Growing The Fro:

How do I start to grow an Afro– do I need my haircut in a certain style beforehand?

If your are starting to grow your Afro from a short haircut you must make sure you have a defined hair line – this can be done with clippers, you will need to continue to keep this up until your hair starts to grow and take shape. As your hair grows and the style takes shape you may notice some hairs appear to be growing longer than others particularly on top. You need to try to get the hair on the side of your head to be an even length with the hair on top. In order to do this you will need to make sure the top is trimmed to match the slower growth of sides. This is a great style for summer.

How do I care for my Afro?

Afros are easy to care for. A lot of it depends on length. Short Afros can be shampooed twice or three times weekly, daily if one wishes. Medium and longer lengths can be shampooed just as frequently but should be conditioned every other shampoo to maintain moisture levels. I find that Sta Sof Fro Extra Dry works really well for longer “Fros” as these tend to get drier on ends.

How do I comb the “Fro”?

You should never comb dry hair and don’t use water because water can dry hair out. Before combing hair should be sprayed with Sta Sof Fro Oil Sheen Spray or for shorter Fros use Sof n Free’s Curl Activator Lotion. The best way to comb the Fro is to separate hair strands to keep them from tangling. Begin combing on the perimeter of hair so for back and sides start at nape and temples and work your way up to the crown. For top combing start at forehead and comb forward working your way back to the crown, you can then comb for strand separation and style. Finish styling by using an Afro pick but remember you should never comb your hair with a pick. A pick will decrease the diameter of the strand and cause the hair to tangle and break.

How long should I grow my Afro?

Length should revolve around form and function. You need to decide if you just want your Fro to frame your face, or go further. How tall are you? Make sure that your Afro length complements you body type and height. Remember you can play with your Fro but care should be taken, especially if your hair is going to be textured and set on bone rollers or braided and combed out to make a wavy pattern.