Essence Fashion Editor Mikki Taylor Speaks Out Against Dress Down Fridays

October 5, 2015

Thinking back to when I use to work in the corporate world, everyone lived for Fridays. It wasn’t only because it was the end of the work week and the weekend was about to kick off, but also because we didn’t have to pull out the silk shirts, skirts, stockings, and high heel shoes. Casual wear was acceptable.

It came to a point in one office where people got so relaxed on Fridays with their work attire, the company decided to do away with allowing staff to dress down. It’s a shame how a selected few can spoil it for the rest of the bunch.

Fashion Editor-In-Chief Mikki Taylor of Essence magazine explains why she is against casual work wear in the office. She also discusses how First Lady Michelle Obama’s style inspires her.

What are your thoughts? Should staff be allowed to wear comfortable, casual clothing one day out of the week in professional atmospheres?