The Everyday Challenge of Dressing Like Empire’s Cookie Lyon

October 24, 2015

When I first started watching the Empire series, I recognized one of the main focus points was the lines of fashion, and how it’s exploited in the entertainment industry. While many of the pieces worn by Taraji P. Henson a.k.a. Cookie Lyon are quite impressive, some are a little over-the-top. I often ask myself is the concept of a boss lady in the industry dressing this way real or fiction? For example, who goes to work and walks around the office in fur coats? And why?

Jazmine Hughes, a New York Times editor had the opportunity to experience the life of Cookie Lyon, and learn to accept her own accomplishments. The challenge was to go to work dressed like Cookie for a week to see if would make the difference in how she felt about herself. And as far as the look, if you ask me I’d say she nailed it.

“The challenge was just a fun game of What I Would Wear if I Were Rich and Ridiculous?,” she said. “I got to carry a purse worth more than my couch. I wore a fur coat to brunch and got to text the words “I am wearing a fur coat to brunch.” I took more selfies than I have all year. I started a group text with all my closest female friends, sending them each day’s outfit before I left the house, their praise, emoji-laden and sweet, pushing me out onto the street, holding me up.”

Image Source: Cosmepolitan