Exuse Me? 50 Shuts Up Ex By Purchasing The Rights to her Life Story!

October 5, 2015

It's always a matter of “What Sistahs Know, and What Brothas Try and Hide”.

Word on the streets is that 50 Cents has just purchased the rights to Shaniqua's life story.

Shaniqua Tompkins is the mother of his son Marquise and made national news when the house (owned by 50) she was living in burned to the ground a couple of months ago.

Since 50's smart move (Careerwise) in owning the rights, Shaniqua can no longer run to the press and tell everything, nor can she ever sell an revealing book (without buying the rights back from 50) about the G-Unit CEO.

More rumors surfaced that he paid a lot of money to keep his biz' quiet but I guess the TRUTH about his past is so dirty, it was probably worth it to him to shut her up!  And I guess it was enough that she actually agreed to accept the offer.  Damn, exactly how much was it? lol… inquiring minds wanna know.

Shaniqua also recently obtained a Restraining Order against 50.