FAIL: Braid Academy PG&E Shut Off and Closets Padlocked

October 5, 2015

A dozen students that paid $3,100 in tuition for classes were just a week shy of graduating and applying for their state braiding license when the landlord turned off electricity and padlocked closets at the SBC Braiding Academy on Monday, saying the owner, Kennetha Sanderlin, owes thousands of dollars in payments.

“I'm not going to allow her or anyone in the world to cause significant damage to me and cause me to lose my business in order to save hers,” Osborne said. “Pay me and the circuit breakers go on.”

From a business perspective, I can see where the landlord is coming from.  You can't possibley run a business if you let people run over you and not pay you what they owe.

However, with only 1 week left before the students graduate, and him being aware of that, he could have held off for at-least that much longer.  He's just being a jerk.  Yup… he's a jerk!