Fall 2008 Hair Color Fashion and Style Forecast

October 5, 2015

Rich, sophisticated and luscious (auburn, reds, burgundy, golden blond, dark purple) hair colors are in for this Fall season.

According to the style reports, stylists will be using a blend of warm and cool tones layered throughout the hair. The technique should be applied by sectioning the top of the head from the bottom. Using a more aggressive weft like layering pattern to apply below the round of the head, and a more natural approach above the round to the head. The colors, although somewhat unnatural, meaning the use of warm and cool tones, should be very close to the same level of light or dark.

Did you know that, hair color trends are driven by fashion catwalk trends and fabrics? And that home interior design colors also drive fashion and hair color? Supposedly when fabrics have a lot of texture, so does hair color (for example: chunky layers). When the fabrics are sleek, silky and shiny then hair texture is out and sleek comes back in.

Color experts suggest that Fall is a good time for curls to get a nice makeover with color. Chestnut brown and warm chocolate browns are always a seasonal favorite but this year true excitement will be seen ranging from the deep burgundy hues to carrot top reds. Textured tresses all over will be making new statements with bolder riskier tones. Color is an excellent way to accent beautiful waves and curls to give them a new life.

How about styles? Boy short masculine cuts to long tresses with bobs will be seen for Fall. The bob is slightly losing ground but remains popular and a versatile look. Bobs can be worn in lengths from the cheek bones to the clavicle (shoulder). Classic, edgy, shaggy, with or without bangs.

Ahhhhhh Bangs: Bangs have been a big hit for the summer and will definitely continue into the fall. Wide side swept sultry bangs or a strong mop fringe can add a sexy, youthful fresh spin to that tired old layered look.

Reds, oranges, blacks and grays were heavily featured in the Fall fashion collections and you will see them in stores by summer’s end.

Photo Credit: Keston Duke Photography