FILM: Black Superhero Web Series Is As Good As It Gets

December 13, 2011

Really?  With the exception of breaking out the annual Halloween costume, is an amateur web series the closest thing the black community will come to being able to experience being a superhero?

The Washington Post explains here how the lack of diversity on television is driving film makers to the internet to create a platform to showcase their talents in character roles that they will never get in Hollywood.

In the meantime, CHICK (chickspirit.com) is a comic drama that uses the superhero as a metaphor for exploring human potential. Hidden somewhere in the urban jungle of Los Angeles there is thought to be a secret academy where regular people can train to become superheroes. The web series follows the adventures of Lisa, a woman disillusioned with her life, as she sets out on a quest to realize what she believes is her destiny; to become a superhero.