Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Under Fire for Using Several Racial Slurs

October 5, 2015

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. took to Ustream earlier today to do one of the things he does best; talk sh*t, but several sensitive, non-fighting souls are not taking his offensive words too lightly. Some are even going as far as calling his rant about the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, racist.

Mayweather referred to Pacquiao using terms such as midget and faggot on several occasions, and he also referenced a few Asian stereotypes by saying he will force Pacquiao to “make some sushi rolls and cook some rice.” “We're going to cook him with some cats and dogs,” he said.

What are your thoughts? Is this acceptable considering his profession, or is it just plain wrong and ignorant (particularly since he made his comments public)?