Former Exotic Dancer Vanity Wonder Shares Her Experience with Butt Injections

October 5, 2015

Vanity Wonder, former exotic dancer-turned-author, recently revealed she’s had more than 16 butt and hip injections to curve her waist line. She also says, since she first began receiving butt injection 5 years ago, it has added about 20 inches of an unknown substance to her backside.

“I had always wanted a better body and, on top of that, I liked the compliments that I’d got when I was a little thicker,” Wonder wrote in her book, “Shot Girls.”

When asked in a recent interview what kind of injections she has had, Wonder had no idea. “The first two times I did not know, and still do not know… what I was injected with,” she said. “Does somebody have to tell you that injecting a substance that you don’t know, in your body, is deadly?” she asked.

Just like so many others who were victims of illegal butt injections, Wonder utilized services from non-certified practitioners in the cosmetics black-market.

With her new book, Wonder shares her story, and encourages others to be careful walking in her shadow, but “Nobody listens.”

“Women are still begging me, ‘Please tell me where to get them from!'” Vanity admits. “They are definitely chasing this…. That’s the reason why women are dying. They are so thirsty for these, they go to whoever they can find. Then people want to exploit this and that’s where the problems come in.”

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists continue to warn consumers about the dangers of getting cosmetic procedures in non-approved facilities and from non-certified practitioners. The notion of cutting costs for a typically expensive procedure might be tempting, but the results can be dangerous.”If women want to get a bigger butt, I’m all for it,” said Wonder. “I’m not against cosmetic surgery but just do it the safe way.”