France Takes Aim at The Cult Of Thin Models

October 5, 2015

France Takes Aim at Cult Of Thinness
Law Would Make It a Crime To Promote Extreme Dieting

PARIS, April 15 — France, the country that defined haute couture, on Tuesday launched Europe’s most aggressive assault yet on the promotion of ultra-thinness by the fashion industry, advertisers and Web sites.

The French National Assembly approved unprecedented legislation that would make the promotion of extreme dieting a crime punishable by up to two years in prison and fines of up to $47,000.

“It’s time for public action against this scourge,” said Valérie Boyer, the bill’s author and a member of France’s ruling party, who said that as many as 40,000 French people, mostly young girls and women, suffer from anorexia. Full Story Here

On another note, I have to give E!Online props for the response they gave to one of their angry readers/viewers about Sean Comb’s decision to have an all black cast for his runway show. I think people are taking what he said way out of context.


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A model showed off a Guy Laroche ensemble and her rib cage at a 2006 Paris showing.



Dear Ted:
What is with Diddy‘s obsession with “seeing all black models” in his runway show? If a white designer said he or she wanted “all white” models, that would be a huge controversy. He acted like a complete diva on his premiere last night on MTV. I cannot believe that MTV is supporting this kind of unprofessional behavior. He should be designing for all people no matter what their race. Elizabeth Atlanta, Ga.

E!Online’s Response:

Dear Affirmative Acting:
Diddy’s demands are akin to why we have Black History Month—’cause every damn month is all about Caucasian history in this country. Same with runway shows. Only thing less seen in the fashion scene than some cultural diversity is anyone over a size 4. Wake up, Ms. Georgia Peach.