French Men’s Fashion Magazine Joins the Blackface Trend

October 5, 2015

It’s evident that the fashion industry loves the beauty of African Americans, but apparently have little interest in hiring them to make their jobs easier. Instead, magazines such as Vogue, and others such as L’Officiel Hommes would rather paint white people black to satisfy their craving for black beauty.

Milan Vukmirovic, L’Officiel Hommes editor in chief, photographer, and co-founder of the Paris boutique Colette shot the Brazilian model, Arthur Sales for a ridiculous 13-page editorial, entitled “KEEP IT GOIN’ LOUDER.”

It’s So Cold in The D, how the f*** we suppose to keep peace?…” particularly when black people continue to be exploited and people think it’s okay, simply because it’s all in the name of creative art and fashion.