Fuze Slenderize Guilt Free Weight Loss Lip Gloss

October 5, 2015

Here we have a prime example of cosmetics companies making promises they can’t deliver. And I’m almost ashamed to say, as much as I love lip gloss, and have the desire to live right and eat healthy, I can actually see psyching myself up to believe that their claims are true! Hell, why not? What can’t kill you can only make you more glamorized and keep your lips moisturized.


What is it:
A super shiny lip gloss inspired by Fuze energy drinks that energizes and slenderizes.

What it does:
Quench your thirst for a beauty buzz with FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Gloss. Marketed by Too Faced Cosmetics, the flavored lip gloss is infused with the healthy, delicious fruit flavors and appetite curbing energy boasting ingredients found in FUZE Slenderize beverages. “Always on the lips … never on the hips,” is what is promises.

What else you need to know:
Slenderize Gloss comes in three mouth watering shades: Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry Melon, and Dragon Fruit Lime. One squeeze produces a dab of long lasting , high gloss, silky formula, that creates juicy, sexy lips that smell as good as they taste.

As Americans continue to struggle with weight loss, marketers are getting more outlandish with their quick-fix diet claims. At least with Fuze, a blend of the minerals chromium and L-carnitine, along a hydroxycitric acide extract called Super Citrimax, the calorie conscious had to drink a full bottle of the beverage to get the promised hunger-easing metabolism boost. Now all that’s required is to slather it on your mouth, according to the company.

The lip gloss works because “the skin on the lips is very thin…you will ingest some of it,” says Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino. It’s playing with nutritional science in a “girly kind of way,” he says.

The fruit-flavored lip gloss may taste yummy, but don’t expect to get skinny hips from shiny lips, experts say.

“There’s no magic bullet in any of the ingredients, says Joy Bauer, TODAY’s nutrition expert and author of “Food Cures” (Rodale, 2007). “If dieting were as easy as putting on lip gloss or downing a drink, we would not be dealing with such an obesity problem, and everybody would be a size 2.”

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