Gabrielle Union Speaks On Blogger ( Law Suit

October 5, 2015

Gabrielle Union speaks openly with Sister 2 Sister Magazine and explains why she feels it's necessary to go forward with her law suit against popular gossip blog

Aparently a story was posted that she claims was crazy not true.  She told the blog that they made a mistake and asked the blog for a retraction and apology and to take it off their site, but they refused and now her goal is to make them pay!

Gabrielle claims that the blog had to know that the story wasn't true.

From various rumors that have been circulating, Gabrielle has been known to express her dislike for black blogs for quite some time now and rightfully so.  Apparently she has been linked to various athletes and entertainers ever since her April 2006 divorce from NFL player Chris Howard. It's clear that this latest Bossip story was the last straw.      

Gabrielle says that she is a black actress who can't really afford to sue, but if she has to she will go broke to make them pay.  She says that enough is enough and that people are killing themselves over false rumors put out from blogs these days and that it has to stop.