Avoid Irreversible Social Damage with These Useful Tips

October 20, 2015

Nobody is perfect, and at times we encounter situations that are difficult to control. Without knowledge of how to handle circumstances, end results can cause more harm than expected. In most cases, I personally choose to just stay in my own lane, and totally just leave people alone. However, one can’t always be for certain about another persons intentions. So, in these cases it’s good to have that social advantage by being somewhat prepared.

Out of 25 ways to avoid unnecessary confrontations listed by High Existence, I hand-picked 5 of my favorite, and shared them below.

1) Assume comfort in any interaction. Our brain is an incredibly complicated instrument. Our relationship with it, is a love-hate one. We think we have control over it but usually something unconscious dictates our actions. In most of our social interactions, we find it difficult to feel comfortable among strangers because our brain tries to protect us from exposure. This is why assuming comfort is so powerful. Commanding your brain to feel that you already know the person you are about to meet puts you in a position of advantage. It increases the chances of people showing interest in you and consequently even liking you.

2) Pay attention to people’s feet when you are approaching them. Interrupting people when they are in the middle of an important conversation is one of the most annoying things to do. It shows that you have zero knowledge of social dynamics which will lead to unpleasant social situations.

When you approach a group of people while in a conversation, pay attention to their bodies. If they turn only their torsos and not their feet, it means they are in the middle of an important conversation and they don’t want you to interrupt them. If they turn both torso and feet, it means you are welcome. This is extremely important, because the right timing in such situations may put you in a position of advantage, especially if the conversation was boring for both sides.

3) Whenever you have an argument with someone, stand next to them and not in front of them. We’ve all been in situations where out of nowhere the conversation started escalating. Unless you love drama, I would suggest you to avoid these situations. You might have the best argument in the world, but usually people get irritated when they feel they are wrong. So, whenever you feel that the argument you have with another person (especially friends) creates tension, move next to them. You won’t appear much of a threat, and they will eventually calm down.

4) If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer, just wait. They will keep talking. This is a very common situation when you don’t know the other person that well or your question wasn’t clear enough. If they finish the answer without providing a full answer, just wait. Stay silent and keep eye contact. If the tension becomes unbearable, raise your eyebrows. It puts a bit of pressure on them but it communicates that you show interest. It also sub-communicates that you are a person that usually gets what he wants.

5) When someone insults you, either ignore him or mock him. Never lose temper. Always control the frame. Haters are everywhere. The more you feed them with hate, the stronger they become. Never lose your temper. This is a great example of how to deal with a hater. Enjoy!

While there is no guarantee that any of these suggestions will work, because sometimes it’s just all bad. Having knowledge is always good and to your advantage. In the event things do go bad, having knowledge just might help you quickly turn them around for good.

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