Get The Look: Alexander Wang vs. Jeffrey Campbell

October 5, 2015

There’s so many fake looking shoes out there that are horribly designed. I try to be selective which reps I post. Some designs you can ignore, however, some you just can’t. Jeffrey Campbell’s Morrow Bootie’s are a pair that you simply can not ignore.

The Morrow Bootie’s (on the right) are copy cat’s of Alexander Wang’s Hanne Ankle Boots (on the left) which retail at $1250. What makes the difference is that, Jeffrey Campbell’s Morrow Bootie’s take the 4 digits and turn them into 3 digits selling for only $225. If you ask me, top designers should consider doing a little more collaboration with the smaller brands if they have a problem with the look-a-likes. After all, it’s gonna be a while before we bounce back from the recession.

Celebs in Alexander Wang style Booties (Rihanna and Amerie)

ALDO has a copy of this style as well for $130 (Tilbury Ankle Boots).