Get The Look: Ciara's Large Gold and Silver Link Chain

October 5, 2015

Are large gold chains making a comeback?

The answer to that question could be maybe or maybe not, but just last week alone, both Rosci from 106 and Park and Ciara were seen wearing them.

Dating back as far as the dookie rope trend in the late 1980's started by none other than Run DMC, hip hop fashion has always been recognized for large gold chains, but who could actually tell you the last time females were seen rocking them as everyday fashion?

The interesting thing about Ciara's chain is the combination of both gold and silver. If you like this look, a similar (if not the same) style from part of American Apparel's exclusive collection of chains made from high quality solid metal and produced between 1970 and 1985 in Milan, Italy can be found here.

Note: The lifesaver popsicle is sold seperately 😉