GET THE LOOK: Jennifer Hudson’s Style Cut

October 5, 2015

Jennifer Hudson has definitely stepped her picture game up. I love it, and the credit goes to celebrity photographer Derek Blanks

I can’t lie, I’m guilty of questioning her style in past photos, but must pay homage to her hairstylist this time around. Jenn’s hair cut is on point.

What It Is:

GET THE LOOK: (what you need)
This is where the “New” Remy Lace Weave and Closure would come in handy!

About The Razor Cut:

Razor Cutting is a hair cutting process in which sharp, knife like razors are used to excise, slice and texturize hair.

Razor cutting requires a higher quality razor than an average one, although most sharp razors can be used to do the task. Usually this razor is located in the top compartment of a hand grip.

The stylist gathers the individual’s hair, and razors the hairs at an angle, sliding it down the shaft. Microscope pictures have shown that razor-cutting gives a healthier cut to the hair.

Hair cutting razor tools include the straight edge razor, the razor-comb, and the razor-shaper.

Razor cutting makes a more natural looking and healthier style, as you can see from the photo of Jennifer Hudson.

Razor-cutting is not only used for choppy haircuts: a blunt but softer edge can be achieved with a straight edge razor, professional and trendy blunt styles can be created with the added softness and natural texture of a razor-cut.

The style is perfect for anybody on the go. It’s very simple and requires very low maintenance.