Get The Look: Lil Kim Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Q.O.B.

October 5, 2015

The Queen of Blending, a very talented makeup artist that has her way on youtube blending some of the hottest makeup looks appears to be up to her old tricks again as she decides to mimick Lil Kim. She writes on her channel:

“So it should be apparent that sarcasm is my BFF, so don’t get offended. Lighten up.

I really did see a recent pic of Lil Kim and was shocked and saddened by all the work she’s had done. She’s not even the same person, and the “makeup” doesn’t help. It’s really sad..If you don’t believe me GOOGLE lil kim images and you’ll be searching for a while to find a pic of what she looked like BEFORE all the plastic surgery.

I considered myself a fan back in the day..La Bella Mafia is one of the few CDs, out of all my cds, I loved to listen to from beginning to end. 🙁

Anyway, I hit up my twitter folks to see if a lil Kim makeup tutorial would be interesting and a ton said YES, so here you have it.

-Notorious Q.O.B.”