Get The Look: Tyra Banks Deep Waves and Curls

October 5, 2015

The art of fingerwaving dates all the way back to the 1920’s. The look can be achieved by using quite a few different methods. One by using gel and combs, another by using rollers and hair clamps, and if you’re good you can also use the curling iron. Keep in mind that by using the curling iron, the waves won’t have a firm hold to them.

In this illustration of Tyra Banks on the set of Gossip Girls, Tyra’s waves are formed by the roller set method. Either that or it’s a wig. Let’s just assume it’s her own hair for the purpose of this post.


1. When rolling the hair, each section should be rolled in opposite directions to form a nice wave pattern.

2. Once the hair is dry, comb the hair in the direction of the wave pattern while using hair clamps to hold each wave in place.

3. Use a styling spritz for a firm hold while hair clamps are still in place.

4. Remove hair clamps and wahlah

Sounds pretty easy but it’s really kinda complicated. Practice makes perfect.