Girl Talk: Six Brown Chics “Are You A Nickle Looking for A Dime?”

October 5, 2015

Nevermind “What Chilli Wants,” because after learning her long list of requirements, it's evident not all women want the same things in a man. Six Brown Chics based in Chicago have introduced a weekly talk series on, to discuss other things women look for, and expect from relationships.

Through panel discussion, Six Brown Chics, a group of loyal, trustworthy, realistic, and sincere women are aiming to free your mind, and your soul by opening up to topics on every aspect of relationships that women want to talk about. Some of these discussions include what women want, red flags to look for in relationships, and everything in-between, including battery operated boyfriends. Each episode is uploaded on Sunday evenings, and shared with the public on (Watch the first segment below). So far, so good, and quite entertaining.