Grinchful Spring 2008 Shoes

October 5, 2015

<p>All these years the grinch has been stealing Christmas… This year as he tip-toed all thru the house…</p> <p><img height="300" alt="Antonio Berardi" width="200" border="3" src="" /> <img height="300" alt="Prada" width="225" border="3" src="" /> <img height="300" alt="Marc Jacobs" width="200" border="3" src="" /></p> <p>he left us WHAT?!?</p> <p>SHOES… … good Lord … WHY These??? </p> <p><img alt="John Fluevog" border="2" src="" /> </p> <p>But WAIT… (laugh out loud)</p> <p><img alt="The Grinch" border="2" src="" /><br /><br />We can't wear 'em until spring/summer 2008</p> <p> <img alt="Alexander McQueen" border="3" src="" /> </p> <p>WOW… I can only appreciate the entertainment they have brought and the thought of never wearing 'em at all.</p>