Hair Care Regimens for All Hair Types

October 5, 2015

Weather you’re suffering from damaged hair or simply want to maintain your hair’s healthy state, a hair care regimen is a must.

A great black hair care regimen will include the following:

1) A high quality shampoo, preferably an all natural one
2) A high quality conditioner
3) Natural hair oils for a healthy scalp, and
4) An all natural daily moisturizing lotion, cream, or serum.

For added perks, a hair healthy black hair care routine will also include a monthly hot oil treatment and protein treatments.

While there are many products on the market today, choosing the one that meets the needs of your particular hair type and condition is the most important. Browsing through our list of hair care products can greatly help in your selection for the perfect black hair care regimens.


Biostrand products especially addresses the special needs hair structure, which includes:

· Hair suffering from the result of long-term illness
· Fragmented hair structure
· Chemically abused or damaged hair
· Environmentally damaged hair

The Biostrand Basic Program is an easy to use program for all hair types. Your hair and scalp require moisture and protein, as well as daily amounts of natural conditioning to maintain the proper pH level and help minimize breakage. Applying Biostrand’s light natural formulas increases your hair and scalps exposure to oxygen, moisture, and nutrients. The Biostrand Basic Program is absorbed into the hair and scalp conditioning the hair FROM THE INSIDE OUT promoting strong and healthy hair.

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