Hairstyle Trends: Fantasia and Others Rocking Vintage Hair Rolls

October 5, 2015

Fantasia is currently working on the video for her new single “I’m Doing Me.” In the video she is rocking a classic 1940’s hair roll or “victory roll” as many would call it.

The victory roll, which is very similar to the “french bun” can be worn many ways. It’s achieved by pin curling the hair while wet and letting it set; backcombing the hair to add volume; twisting the hair around fingers to form the roll, and pining the hair in place to complete the desired look. Of course, you can always use a large barrel curling iron in place of the pin curl method.

Fantasia Behind The Scene Footage of “I’m Doing Me”

While shooting the video, Fantasia took to her myspace blog and had this to say: “Hello yall! It’s the second day of the video shoot and it’s gonna be crazy.It’s a new look for me and it’s what I wanted so I’m just glad that my daddy Clive and my J Records family have my back and believe in me…. I’m very excited about the album yall! It’s my baby and I hope that you enjoy it.”

More photos of celebrities and hair models wearing the Victory Roll:

Singer/Songwriter VV Brown

Hair Model

UK Singer/Dancer Miss Polly Rae

1940’s Vintage Photo

Hair Model