African American Hairstyles Subject To Search by TSA

October 5, 2015

The TSA is still at it with patting down selective hairstyles passing through the airport, and checking for illegal objects that may be planted in someone’s hair. So, while you may be thinking your hair is “the bomb,” there is no telling when the TSA might think so too.

Solange Knowles recently took to her Twitter to announce she was one of the latest victims. According to Solange, her curly mane has experienced its very own “Discrim-FRO-nation.

While the majority of the victims of discrim-fro-nation have been African American women, the agency insists they don’t profile when it comes to hair type or style.

“If someone is passing through the advanced imaging technology machine, it shows an outline of an individual, the same for every single person,” Sari Koshetz, a spokeswomen for TSA, told “If the hair area is highlighted, the machine may have picked up an anomaly or a possible threat in the head area. It would not be someone’s hair but something in someone’s hair.”

For many African American women, hairstyles come with a hard earned cost and several hours spent at the salon. Not only is it humiliating to be stopped to have your hair searched, it can also be an inconvenience to someone who may be traveling for an event where the hair is part of their overall grooming for the occasion.

With that said, it may be wise to wait until you reach your destination before adding any final touches to your hair. Shown below are various hairstyles that are subject to search by the TSA.