Halloween Goons: Republican Party Under Fire for Sick Sense of Obama Humor

October 5, 2015

Halloween is often referred to as the devil's holiday, and rarely does it ever go by without some type of work put in by the devil himself. This Halloween, the Loudoun County, Va., Republican Committee supported his role.

The group is currently under fire for displaying a sick sense of humor by circulating a Halloween-themed email featuring an image of a ghoulish-looking President Obama with a bullet hole through his head.

The subject line, which read “Halloween 2011,” invited supporters to a community parade where “we are going to vanquish the zombies with clear thinking conservative principles and a truckload of Republican candy.”

In the their defense, Mark Sell, chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, attempted to explain that the email was a “light-hearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday.”

Yeah right…