UPDATE: When All You Can Do Is Ask Yourself What Happen

October 22, 2015

Earlier today I had no idea where this model came from, who in a nutshell made my day. But it’s been brought to my attention his name is Dexter Mayfield. During an interview with Buzzfeed, the actor/dancer explained he was a little embarrassed at first about the idea of walking down the runway in sheer attire, but after talking with the designer he just said F-CK IT.

“Being a professional dancer, I already know the pressure of not fitting into the typical look of what a dancer should be,” he said. “So stepping into modeling and walking the runway, that pressure is compounded even more…. Right before I went on the runway I just said F-CK IT, and I just went for it! It was unlike any other feeling I’ve had before!”

The show was presented by Marco Marco, a high end underwear label. Catch the full show below: