Has Sisterlocks Sparked a Hair Revolution In Boston?

October 5, 2015

As I was browsing through the blogs today, I came across a post on essense.com that naturally caught my attention, as it pertained to black women and hair. The title of the post read, “Sisterlocks Sparks Hair Revolution In Boston.” Really? I thought to myself, but why now? Sisterlocks been around as long as the article suggested, more than a decade.

First, let me just say it almost burned me up inside that the article associated Chris Rocks hair documentary “Good Hair” with it. Then I wanted to ask: Boston, where have YOU been? However, when I clicked on the source the article was referring to, I noticed that the information essence was providing will be a year 2 years old come January. Exuse me, but I had to laugh. WOW (no they didn’t).

The article cites boston.com (Black women find freedom with new ‘do, January 6, 2008), and states: “According to Boston.com, Black women in the Boston area are fired up about the microlocks that offer a new healthy look at Black hair and the same flexibility of relaxed hair.”

My point you ask? The article is major late with bringing the news (as this is December 20, 2009), and it deceives readers into believing that this is something new, which it clearly is not. It’s one thing to introduce a hairstyle that didn’t exactly come out yesterday, I’m sure I do it all the time, but don’t make it seem like people are going crazy trying to get with this look by using outdated sources. C’Mon son, I’m partially offended.

My intentions in the beginning were to just laugh to myself and keep it moving, but when I thought about it — I figured why not share. Hell, maybe somebody knows something I don’t, and I like to be fair about things. So I ask you, did I miss something?

At any rate, please don’t hesitate to mosey on over to essence.com to check it all out for yourself, and see what all the rage is over the sisterlocks. Afterall, they may not be new, but they are a pretty good look.