HEALTHY CHOICE: Natural Boar Bristle Brushes

October 5, 2015

Have you ever wondered why you can easily find an incredible amount of hair loss (clumps of hair) when cleaning your hair brush? African American hair is very fragile and easy to break. If you’re seeing a lot of hair in your brushes chances are you’re probably over-brushing and/or using a poor quality brush. Nylon hair brushes are rough on your scalp and is no where as good as a natural boar bristle brush. The nylon bristles are usually sharp and inflame your follicles and break your hair when you use it.

Using a natural boar bristle is a much better choice. The boar bristle hair brush bristles are similar to the keratin of your hair and absorb the dirt and oil just like your hair. In addition the tips of the boar hair brush are rounded and gently massage your scalp and hair.

Investing in a good quality boar bristle brush and learning to use it properly can guide you to beautiful healthy hair with minimal hair loss!

While I’m a little on the iffy side on the kakakiki comb/brush in terms of quality, this comb/brush was designed by an AFRICAN-AMERICAN engineering firm especially for people of AFRICAN DESCENT and is owned by Ed Howard. So for that alone it may be worth a try. For only $9.99 you don’t really have much to lose.

This inventive new product is a dual-use product, which can be utilized by both male and female adults and children.

The Kakakiki KombBrush is designed with a PYRAMID MATRIX formation of the individual SPHINX tine-like bristles. This PATENTED DESIGN will detangle kinky hair, woolly hair, wavey hair, curly hair, coarse hair, nappy hair and thick hair, creating soft hair. This unique design serves to separate and sweep away minute debris accumulation normally clinging to the base region of facial or head hair. Also a therapeutic effect is induced which is at once stimulating to the underlining skin; and is found to be generally psycho-physiologically beneficial to the user in a soothing, and yet exhilarating manner.

Some benefits of the kakakiki brush include a) Conditions hair when comb/brushing, and b) Relaxes nappy hair, curly hair, wavy hair, coarse hair, woolly hair, thick hair, and makes it soft for creating hairstyles.